School Wireless Network Auditing Services.

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Our ICT offers professional wireless network survey and auditing services to schools that are experiencing intermittent and ongoing wireless connectivity issues.

What Causes Wireless Performance Issues?

The increased use of portable devices presents a number of challenges for internal ICT managers and Senior Team Leaders who are tasked with the responsibility of maintaining a robust, secure and reliable wireless network connection throughout the school premises.

Wireless downtime can prove to be detrimental to your pupil’s learning experience and equally as frustrating for teachers and other staff members.

There are many Issues can affect the performance of your school’s wireless environment. These issues will often include one or more of the following examples:

  • Misconfiguration
  • Wireless signal leakage
  • Overlapping wireless channels
  • Interference from neighbouring devices
  • Non Wi-Fi device interference
  • Rogue access points
  • A wireless network running over capacity

The Network Auditing Process.

Through a combination of intelligent wireless troubleshooting/diagnostic technologies and site survey applications, we can analyse every detail of your school’s Wi-Fi network coverage.

Our professional ICT consultants will perform an initial pre-deployment site survey of your school’s Wi‑Fi environment, creating a detailed visual wireless network map that highlights details such as local access points, neighbouring devices, coverage voids and signal leaks.

Once this is completed, they will then deploy diagnostic tools that are designed to identify the causes of Wi‑Fi interference and eliminate the interference at the source.  We can also locate any sources of non-Wi‑Fi interference, including cordless phones, audio systems and wireless video cameras.

wireless survey
A screenshot from our wireless site survey application – visualising your schools wireless network data.

Upon completion of a comprehensive wireless survey, we will present you with a detailed report of our findings – providing an effective resolution to eliminate your connectivity problems and increase your schools wireless network performance.

This process can take up to 3 working days, depending on the size of your school premises, your geographic location and the complexity of your school’s Wi-Fi network.

A screenshot from our wireless survey report builder.

Wireless Network Audit – Service Elements.

  • Create a detailed visual wireless coverage map of the school premises, including channel usage and hotspot coverage
  • Wi-Fi configuration analysis and misconfiguration fix
  • Locate signal leakage from your school building(s)
  • Highlight any wireless coverage voids
  • Discover the location of any rogue wireless access points
  • Discover any neighbouring wireless access points
  • Create a detailed interference map
  • Locate overlapping wireless coverage
  • Determine wireless data rate usage

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