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Click above to download our services brochure.

Wireless Networking Solutions For Schools.

As an accredited Ruckus Wireless Partner, Our ICT provides a comprehensive range of trusted safe and secure wireless networking solutions for primary and secondary schools across the UK.

Why Ruckus?

Ruckus wireless technology offers numerous performance enhancements over conventional wireless technologies, including clever administration features and unrivalled network coverage that combines to provide a seamless secure connectivity experience in the classroom and the admin department.

“The new Ruckus wireless is now offering us new opportunities to explore and develop the technologies that support innovative teaching and learning.” – Ian Ilett | Business Manager of Hurlingham & Chelsea Secondary School.

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How Our ICT Can Help?

From technology planning and deployment to ongoing management and training, Our ICT can assist with the implementation of both managed and unmanaged wireless solutions that will maximise connectivity throughout the school premises.

Unmanaged wireless solutions.

Suitable for when wireless connectivity is required in an isolated area, such as the admin department, or the assembly hall for example.

A fully managed wireless solution.

Suitable for large area networks, where wireless connectivity has been implemented throughout the school premises.

This can include both indoor and outdoor wireless access points and wireless bridges.

Our fully managed wireless solution uses an intuitive user interface, keeping the administration process simple for your ICT staff to manage. We take the technical complexity out of maintaining a wireless network by introducing smart technologies with fully integrated features that mitigate administrative tasks.

Ruckus Enhanced Security Features.

  • Secure SSID authentication features for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) administration
  • Integration with existing network security architectures, directory services and authentication protocols
  • Enhanced monitoring allows for improved network operations, troubleshooting, and security policy changes
  • Fingerprint and access control features – enabling differentiated policies for user roles and device types

Maximised Wireless Coverage Across The School Premises.

Thanks to clever patented technology, Ruckus wireless solutions provide unrivalled Wi-Fi network coverage throughout your school premises.

  • Ruckus ZoneFlex technology provides maximum network coverage through a high-gain directional antenna array – providing between 2-4 times the network coverage of a standard access point
  • Ruckus BeamFlex technology chooses the best network path for connectivity to a wireless access point, cleverly routing the wireless signals around interference

7 Reasons To Choose Ruckus Technology.

  1. Maximum Wi-Fi coverage – up to four times more coverage when compared to a conventional wireless solution
  2. Reliable client connectivity – clever Beamflex technology automatically avoids interference, guiding signals to the best performing paths
  3. BYOD solutions – secure authentication for bring your own device via a captive portal
  4. Unrivalled Wi-Fi performance – maximised data rates to end users
  5. Indoor and outdoor wireless solutions – unified configuration and management of all wireless technology onsite
  6. Interactive classroom enablement – mitigated interference is perfect for audio and video streaming
  7. High-density friendly – technology built to handle a large number of concurrent users

Contact Us To Arrange A Free Ruckus Wireless Demonstration.

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Our ICT is happy to provide a no-obligation demonstration of Ruckus wireless technology to ICT managers, teachers, senior managers and governors. To arrange a free demonstration, contact a member of the education team today by calling 020 8501 7670. Alternatively, click on the chalkboard above to send us a message online.

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