Technology Leasing Solutions For Schools.

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Our ICT provides expert assistance to schools that are looking to refresh their ICT infrastructure without incurring the associated upfront costs.

Leasing is a very popular option for schools that are looking to circumvent the elevated cost of investing in technology that rapidly depreciates in value throughout its short lifecycle.

How Our ICT Can Help.

We can provide a leasing service for all types of technology that is used throughout the education sector, including tablet devices, interactive touch screen technologies, desktop PCs, netbooks, projectors and networking equipment.

5 Reasons To Lease Your Schools Technology.

 1. Improved budgetary control.

Initial capital outlay is replaced with affordable monthly, quarterly or annual repayment options that are available over a fixed investment period.

2. Release essential funds.

Reallocate essential funds that were originally allocated to the school’s annual ICT budget.

3. A comprehensive service.

Where required, the cost of leasing can incorporate technology deployment and ongoing maintenance costs.

4. Unrestricted hardware options.

We can supply the latest technologies from all of the familiar venders, including HP, Dell, Microsoft and Apple.

5. A simplified upscale policy.

 Increase the size of your ICT infrastructure by leasing additional ICT equipment when required without increasing your fixed scheduled payments.

Budgetary Planning.

We will work closely with you to ensure that you lease the right technology for your school’s ICT vision.

And, within an affordable repayment option that does not exceed budgetary restrictions. Our budgetary planning has a strong focus on upgradeability, ensuring that your school’s learning environment will always be  kept up to date with the latest technology lifecycle.

Release Essential Funds By Leasing Your Schools ICT Technology.
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