10 Great Mobile Device Management Tips for Schools (Infographic).

November 16, 2017
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The Mobile Revolution has only just started.

Over the past five years, the number of mobile devices being used as learning tools in Education Sector has increased at an exponential rate. Tablet devices are now at the forefront of the mobile technology revolution, which has helped Schools to successfully integrate technology with learning like never before.


In addition to this, the BYOD movement is continuing to gain momentum throughout the entire Education sector, with thousands of students being encouraged to bring their own laptops or Tablets to school so they can be used as digital learning devices.  The Advantages of this are many, but BYOD also presents a number of challenges to ICT Managers who are tasked with administrating these devices effectively day-to-day, whilst ensuring the schools Network Security is never compromised.

In the UK, this mobile revolution has been aided by the Department for Educations decision to launch the second in a series of bulk buying deals for schools considering buying new tablets, laptops or desktop devices at the beginning of the autumn term (2017).

10 Mobile Device Management tips for Schools.


In addition to using an effective Mobile Device Management solution, there are a number of tasks, processes and considerations that can help your School to manage and maintain all of its mobile devices more effectivlty.  Ten of these essential tips have been illustrated in our helpful Infographic below.


School Mobile Device Management Tips

Take control of your Schools Mobile Technology.

Our ICT will help you take full control of your schools mobile devices by introducing a centralised Mobile Device Management solution (MDM).

Managed from a secure intuitive web-based dashboard, our MDM solution gives you the power to fully manage of all mobile devices on-premise,  including laptops, Android devices, iPads and Microsoft Windows-based tablets. MDM Software incorporates the following management tools:

  • App management – multiple app deployment and configuration
  • Device management – including device enrollment, profiles, permissions, policies and security restrictions
  • Email management – including integration (Office 365, Google Apps, Exchange), email security and data loss prevention
  • Security management – including user account and device security, feature restrictions and scheduled access
  • BYOD – including transparent resource management and customised privacy policies

Plus much more.



Find out more about MDM solutions


Visit our Mobile Device Management service page to find out more about our Mobile Device Management Solutions, or download our services overview PDF by clicking here.


and then take your first step towards taking control.


Contact a member of the Education team today by calling 020 3002 5735, or click here and complete the online contact form to provide us with more information about your MDM requirements.



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