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Case Study – Kelmscott Secondary School.

Kelmscott School ICT Case StudyLocation: Walthamstow, East London.

Pupils: 900.

Age Range: 11-16

Establishment Type: Secondary Comprehensive School.

Head teacher: Lynnette Paves.        

Business Manager: Siobhan Hosein.

School background.

Kelmscott School is a large secondary comprehensive school that is located in Walthamstow, East London. The school has approximately 900 pupils aged between eleven and sixteen. Kelmscott School has specialist status in Humanities with Business and Enterprise. Kelmscott’s vision of teaching and learning is to ensure they provide the best possible opportunity for pupils of all abilities and backgrounds to reach their fullest potential. In 2008, the school underwent refurbishment as part of the Building Schools for the Future program.

Kelmscott school

Ongoing involvement.

Our ICT continues to work with the existing technical support team at Kelmscott School day-to-day, providing the following key service elements:

  • First and second line telephone and remote support for the school admin department, provided by our London-based service desk.
  • Scheduled onsite technician support provided by two Microsoft and Apple certified professional field support technicians.
  • Providing ongoing onsite technician cover for when the internal ICT support team are on annual leave, or are undertaking training.
  • 24/7 network monitoring through E-pulse, a specialist remote monitoring service that allows us to monitor the critical elements of your schools ICT network infrastructure.
  • Ongoing ICT consultancy provided to the Network Manager Support throughout the Year.
  • ICT infrastructure project management.

Kelmscott School ICT suiteIntelligent Wireless Solutions.

Kelmscott was keen to increase the use of mobile technology throughout the school premises in the near future, but they had concerns about the stability of the schools existing wireless network environment.

Through conducting a wireless network site survey on premise, Our ICT quickly identified a number of ongoing connectivity and configuration issues with the schools existing wireless technology.  We provided the school with a full report of our findings, together with a detailed proposal for futureproofing the schools wireless network.

Our ICT deployed a new Ruckus managed solution that provides students, teachers and support staff with consistent, reliable wireless network coverage throughout the entire school premises. In addition, we also introduced specialised connectivity solutions, maximising coverage for areas of the school that use a high number of mobile devices.

Kelmscott School now has a high capacity wireless network environment that will cope with the increased use of wireless technology in the next three to five years.

Server Infrastructure Virtualisation.

Our project management and consultancy teams worked together to conduct a fully managed virtualisation project, migrating the schools entire ICT server infrastructure to a modern flexible virtualised platform.

Kelmscott School now benefits from an efficient server infrastructure that has greatly reduced the annual energy costs and lowered the schools carbon footprint.  Hardware and software licensing costs are mitigated and the internal ICT team are benefiting from much simplified server management, maintaining virtual operating systems from a centralised point of administration.

The virtualisation project was finished with the introduction of a Virtual Machine aware backup solution, allowing large data retention with ultra-fast data restore times.

ICT Suite refresh project.

Kelmscott School had a number of dated ICT suites in the school building that were in urgent need of an infrastructure refresh.

Our team of Complex Project Managers and Field Service Technicians combined to deliver a fully managed large-scale ICT refresh project, replacing 93 PCs located across three ICT suites with the latest desktop technology that was sourced by our in-house procurement team.

This project was completed on time and within budget. Our installation team conducted all of the physical installation and configuration within a half term.

We also arranged for the safe disposal of the schools redundant hardware.

What does the school think of us?

“These guys are absolutely brilliant. We know a number of schools who went through exactly the same complex project at the same time and we definitely had the fewest problems. “ – Siobhan Hoisen, Business Manager.


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