Technology Quotes

A Collection of Famous Technology Quotes.


Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.

Bill Gates – founder of Microsoft.


There can be infinite uses of the computer and of new age technology, but if teachers themselves are not able to bring it into the classroom and make it work, then it fails.

Nancy Kassebaum – politician.


I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.

Isaac Asimov – author and professor of bio chemistry.


Computers don’t create computer animation any more than a pencil creates pencil animation. What creates computer animation is the artist.

John Lasseter – Walt Disney animation studios.


Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event.

Heidi-Hayes Jacobs – recognised education leader.


Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all.

John F. Kennedy – former president of the United States.


We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.

David Warlick – Author and programmer.


The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing.

Douglas Engelbart – computer and internet pioneer.


Access to computers and the Internet has become a basic need for education in our society.

Kent Conrad – former US Senator.


Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn.

Steve Jobs – co founder of Apple.


The internet could be a very positive step towards education, organisation and participation in a meaningful society.

Noam Chomsky – philosopher and scientist.


Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living.

Nicholas Negroponte – One Laptop per Child Association.


We’re entering a new world in which data may be more important than software.

Tim O’Reilly – founder of O’Reilly Media. 


The future lies in designing and selling computers that people don’t realize are computers at all.

Adam Osborne – British-American author and software publisher.


Even in the developing parts of the world, kids take to computers like fish to water.

Nicholas Negroponte – One Laptop per Child Association.


I’ve come to a view that humans will continue to do what we do well, and that computers will continue to do what they do very well, and the two will coexist, but in different spaces.

Eric Schmidt  – Executive chairman of Google.


To me, there is something superbly symbolic in the fact that an astronaut, sent up as assistant to a series of computers, found that he worked more accurately and more intelligently than they. Inside the capsule, man is still in charge.

Adlai Stevenson  – former American politician and diplomatt.


My goal wasn’t to make a ton of money. It was to build good computers. I only started the company when I realized I could be an engineer forever.

Steve Wozniak – co founder of Apple.


New technology is common, new thinking is rare.

Sir Peter Blake – English pop artist.


The new information technology… Internet and e-mail… have practically eliminated the physical costs of communications.

Peter Drucker – the founder of modern management.

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