Chapel End Academy Case Study
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Case Study – Chapel End Junior Academy.

Chapel End Primary SchoolLocation: Walthamstow, East London

Pupils: 375

Establishment Type: Academy Sponsor Led

Age Range: 7-11

Head teacher: James Kenyon    

Business Manager: Claire Keefe

School background.

Chapel End Junior Academy are a junior school situated in North Walthamstow within the London Borough of Waltham Forest.  The school shares a site with Chapel End Infant School. They are a popular community school with 375 pupils on role.

Chapel End, always strive for the highest expectations in teaching and learning and provide their pupils with the skills for their future lives by developing their social, emotional wellbeing as well as their academic achievement and progress.

The dedicated staff are knowledgeable about how children learn best and teachers tailor their lessons accordingly to encourage the highest standards of learning for all its children.

They are part of the REAch2 Academy Trust. A primary charitable trust, REAch2 (Raising Educational Achievement for Children) is an Academy Trust developed by Hillyfield Primary Academy in Waltham Forest. The Trust aspires to create a family of primary academies that have strong reputations for delivering outstanding education for all pupils.

Ongoing involvement.

Our ICT provides technical support at Chapel End Junior Academy on a day-to-day basis and includes the following key service elements:

  • First and second line telephone/remote support for the entire school and management.
  • Scheduled and weekly onsite technician support provided by our dedicated schools field support team.
  • 24/7 network monitoring through E-pulse, a specialist remote monitoring service that allows us to monitor the critical elements of your schools ICT network infrastructure.
  • ICT consultancy throughout the school which has included mobile devices and management, refresh programmes, ICT infrastructure project management, ICT security and the schools expansion plans.

The Relationship.

Our ICT has been the ICT support provider of choice at Chapel End Junior Academy since April 2014. In this time, we have delivered continued ICT support, consultancy and major projects that have been in line with the schools strategic direction and future growth aspirations.

As the school has grown and evolved, Our ICT has become a trusted partner of the school and an extension to their existing team.

We are always on hand through our technical on-site support team, helpdesk, projects and consultancy teams, to provide both scheduled onsite support, planned support and a highly responsive support for issues arising in between visits or when something unexpected occurs.

On successfully tendering for the support of Chapel End Junior, Our ICT has demonstrated many competencies to date as specified by the requirements of the school.

We are delivering a fully managed ICT support service which includes:

  • Relationship building with key staff including the SLT and ICT manager.
  • Support of the schools day to day ICT requirements and infrastructure via our onsite, telephone/remote support and network monitoring.
  • Audit and upkeep of all the schools ICT hardware and software systems. Regularly reviewing and liasing with key staff.
  • Provision of professional and specific advice on all aspects of ICT via a dedicated account manager and our projects/consultancy teams. This has assisted in the schools desire for continued growth and development of ICT.
  • A reactive service to minimise any impact to teaching and learning.
  • A proactive and planned service to enhance the schools and pupils longer term experience in the use of ICT.
  • A procurement service that uses its partnerships with key education suppliers to leverage best value to the school.

Part of the tendering remit was our ability to meet the short term/immediate goals of the school. A key requirement was to design and rebuild their entire network infrastructure to replace an aging system. This included merging two separate networks, switches, desktops, servers, backups and software. This was completed during the Easter and summer holidays by our senior engineering team. Everything was up and running on schedule with very minimal issues.

The school now has all new pupil, teacher and admin machines with uniform logins to make the user experience consistent and familiar as well as a low ongoing maintenance system.

Various consultations continue to take place as part of the schools expansion and rebuilding plans as well as development of ICT such as mobile devices for pupils and staff.

Server Infrastructure – virtualisation.

On commencing support of Chapel End Junior Academy, Our ICT were tasked with the immediate role of refreshing the schools admin server and networked devices. This was the initial step of a larger project to consoldidate the entire server/network infrastructure into a single merged network and virtualised environment.

A phased approach over the schools Easter and Summer break was required to keep the disruption to teaching and learning to an absolute minimum. Virtualisation was suitable for this approach as it enabled Our ICT to convert the exisiting and failing physical admin server in to a modern virtualised equivelent in order to provide stability and better availability.  This would see the school through to the end of term at which point the second phase (Curriculum Network) of the project would be undertaken to complete the server virtualisation and implement this on to one physical server. Also factored in to the new network would be a high failover solution that would be able to recover the schools data, server/network from a worse case disaster recovery situation.

The benefits of Microsoft Server 2012 Virtualisation.

  • Each virtual server runs its own operating system and each virtual server can also be independently rebooted of one another. i.e. Sims server, email exchange server, admin and curriculum networks etc….
  • Virtualisation conserves space through consolidation as several machines can be migrated into one server running multiple virtual environments.
  • It also utilizes resources to the fullest so it can also save on operational costs (e.g. using a lower number of physical servers reduces hardware maintenance).
  • Reduced Energy Consumption – Consolidating Resources allows for energy costs to be reduced.
  • This environment can be expanded at any stage. With the addition of other servers.
  • Server 2012 provides high availability service like DHCP failover without need for expensive clustering.
  • Server 2012 has a Deduplication feature which allow reduction in disk usage.
  • Virtualisation allows easy migration and management.
  • Reduce Dependence on particular vendor of hardware. Virtual machines can be hosted on most vendor’s hardware.
  • Reduced reliance on specific hardware makes backup and disaster recovery cheaper and easier.

Our consultants and projects teams got to work straight away engaging with key staff to quickly identify needs and timescales as part of our project management planning process. On agreement of the project plan our projects team then designed a new system and obtained quotations that satisfied the schools budgets. Our project engineers, then undertook the implementation of the new system, migrating data from the old systems and merging the 2 separate admin and curriculum networks in to one within a fully virtualised environment. All works over the Easter and Summer breaks was completed on time and within budget.

The project also involved the implementation of full server redundancy to provide a high availability solution. Core switches were also upgraded to POE gigabit switches.

Chapel End Junior Academy now has a modern, fit for purpose server and network infrastructure that will accommodate the schools growth and desire to further develop its ICT and usage. Our on-site engineer and our remote server monitoring system continue to manage the schools network in a far more simplified manner with very little management and administration time.

What does the school have to say?

“Our ICT have provided a fantastic service to our school. They are very meticulous and have overhauled ICT at Chapel End Academy.  Problems with our system have been eradicated and any old infrastructure issues are dealt with promptly. I would recommend their services highly.”- Michael Tofi, ICT Coordinator.


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