10 Great iPad Apps for Music Lessons.

March 15, 2016
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10 Great iPad Apps for Music Lessons.Introduction.

iPad apps can make teaching music to young students a fun and engaging experience. Students no longer have to struggle with complex music concepts such as clefs, rhythms, notes, and more.

Do your students have trouble understanding basic music concepts? Do they find learning the foundation of music tedious and difficult? Now it is possible to keep them excited about learning with some of the best iPad apps used for music education.

We have listed 10 of our favourite iPad apps for music lessons below, and we’ve including a link to every corresponding iTunes download page. Enjoy!

monkey drum screenshotMonkey Drum.

Making music is fun and easy with Monkey Drum by Flippfly, which is a free app that allows students to experience the pleasure of playing a music instrument. Monkey Drum provides a realistic playing experience as students experiment with different songs which the monkey copies and plays back.

Students create tunes using drawings which are then played back by cute jungle animals. Your students will stay engaged by interacting with the animals and feeding them bananas, spinning them around, and other fun activities.  The songs can then be re-mixed using a variety of different instruments using a mini keyboard which provides a great way to combine creativity with learning to read music.

Click here to download Monkey Drum from iTunes.


Your students will quickly realize how fun it is to create music using any sound in their environment. MadPad by Smule is an affordable app at £1.04 that teaches students how to create video soundboards from sounds they hear in their daily lives.

Students can begin by capturing sounds of their friends, outdoors, pets, empty bottles, and a limitless variety of other types of elements in their daily environment.  Then they mix in the clips to create an impressive percussion instrument. Clips can also be mixed in with other saved projects to provide a creative and interesting way to learn the rhythms and music of our daily environment.

Click here to download MadPad from iTunes. 

note trainerNote Trainer – Sight Read Music.

Your students can enjoy learning how to read music with Note Trainer by Thoor Software AB. Note Trainer is an affordable app at £2.08 that provides a fun way to learn how to read musical notes and chords.

Note Trainer provides a wide range of different levels that allow your students to start out at the beginning level and then gradually increase their reading ability.  It is also easy to start at a higher level if you have students that have already mastered the basics.

At the end of each exercise is a progress tracker to help you to easily identify areas in need of improvement.  The progress tracker also indicates when your student is ready for the next level.

Students can easily stay engaged using the preset activities that allow you to practice lines and spaces or mix and match as you go along to strengthen skills.  The activities can also be customized to meet specific learning needs and objectives.  The app is very straightforward and allows students to practice their music reading skills on the bus, in the hallway, or any other place and time.

Click here to download Note Trainer from iTunes. 

piano tutorPiano Tutor.

Piano Tutor for iPad By SmileyApps is a £2.08 app which is excellent for helping your students learn musical notation using sight and sound.  The app is designed for young children through adults and provides a fun way to learn sight reading and musical notation using the piano keyboard.

Piano Tutor provides several different game modes that can turn your students into a musical maestro!  The game modes include music sheet reading, rhythm timing, song play, and pitch recognition.  Students also engage in fun ways to learn the common treble and bass clef notes in addition to key signatures. Then they can take an interactive quiz to measure their progress and learn to play simple tunes.

Click here to download Piano Tutor from iTunes. 

flashnote derbyFlashnote Derby.

Although learning the basics of music is necessary for building a solid foundation, many students find it difficult and tedious.  Flashnote Derby by Luke Bartolomeo, is a £2.08 app that provides a fun way for your students to learn and practice musical notation.

Students stay motivated with a horse and jockey that races toward the finish line with each timed test on music note identification.  The faster they provide the answers, the quicker their horse gains ground.  When an answer is incorrect, the hose moves slower with the correct answers displayed at the end of the race. Each race can be customized to target specific learning objectives including levels that can be decreased or increased according to the student’s age and level of knowledge.

Click here to download Flashnote Derby from iTunes. 

piano maestroPiano Maestro.

An excellent app from both the motivation and gaming perspective, Piano Maestro by JoyTunes is a free app that takes your student on a fun and interesting music journey using an electric piano or an iPad screen.

Piano Maestro combines learning with fun and engaging games that teach your students how to play tunes on the keyboard in both the treble and bass clefs. The games include strategies for playing with the left or right hand or both hands simultaneously.  Progress is tracked in levels with the opportunity for students to connect with the teacher to enhance their progress. Students will have fun while learning how to discover their “maestro” abilities using this app.

Click here to download Piano Maestro from iTunes. 

solfaSolfa ~Do Re Mi Ear Method.

Do your students dread the term music theory? Solfa ~Do Re Mi Ear Method 1 by Being True  is a free app that provides a fun way to visually learn musical notation without complex music theory concepts.

Solfa provides an abundance of colorful graphics with sounds and strategies that make learning to read music an unforgettable experience. Students learn music notes using a variety of colors and sounds and by playing games that reinforce note identification and sound identification on the keyboard.  Students can easily find notes by locating frogs and other fun graphics that are displayed on the note in the sheet music.

You can also use the app to help students develop ear training skills by listening to the sound and then locating the corresponding key on the keyboard. When students are ready for the next level, you can use the fun and engaging in-app purchase programs on the Being True website.

Click here to download Solfa ~Do Re Mi Ear Method from iTunes. 

sight reading hdSight Reading HD.

Sight Reading HD by Super Kiddo Studio is a free app that provides a clean, simple, and effective way to easily learn piano basics.  You can start out simple with reading the treble and bass clefs simultaneously and then move to more advanced levels.

Your students can use the Sight Reading HD app to learn and practice both treble clef and bass clef notes on all 88 keys of the piano.  The skill levels can be customized to meet the changing learning requirements of each student as they advance their skills.  This includes changing key signatures, identifying notes, understanding accidentals (sharps, flats, double sharps, and double flats), and the octaves of the keyboard range.

The sound effects and games can be enabled or disabled and serve as a fun strategy for helping students train their ears to hear notes in both clefs. You can also access a graph which tracks each student’s progress to focus on exactly where their strengths and weaknesses are.

Click here to download Sight Reading HD from iTunes. 

Rythum catRythm Cat.

Students never feel like they are doing a routine exercise with Rhythm Cat – Learn to Read Music by LMuse Limited.  Rhythm Cat is an entertaining app that provides students with a stellar soundtrack experience while learning how to read rhythmic notation.

Rhythm Cat was developed by professional educators and musicians which means it focuses on the common challenges your students face when they begin to read rhythms.  Rhythm Cat helps student learn rhythms through a whimsical cat that provides an enjoyable visual and interactive learning experience. Students forget they are learning since its feels like they are playing a game.

Your students can easily learn the common musical concepts such as syncopation, meter changes, ties, and other concepts they typically find challenging.  Rhythm Cat also requires students to tap along with the tunes until they get the rhythm correct. Once they give the correct answer, they progress to the next level.

Click here to download Rythm Cat from iTunes. 


Students now have a way to sound like a pro musician. For a cost of £5.57, GarageBand by Apple provides your students with a collection of Touch Instruments in a setting that resembles a professional recording studio. The Smart Instruments feature helps your students to feel like a musical genius even if they have never read music before.

Students can use the multi-touch keyboard to play a variety of musical instruments.  You can also use the built-in microphone to record fun sound effects or your voice, to add to the instrumentation. The Sampler feature allows your students to create new instruments from the sounds they have recorded.

Additionally, students can add excitement to their composition using the chord function that provides an easy way to tap on chords and integrate keyboard grooves with their musical creation.  GarageBand also provides a generous array of other interactive features that get students excited about learning music as well.

Click here to download Garageband from iTunes. 

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